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Oh, pardon my manners. Let me introduce myself.

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The less known info

Hi, as you already know, my name is Mario. I am a web developer born in Croatia, raised in Germany. I currenlty live in both Varaždin and Zagreb, since I work as a gradual assistant at the Polytechnic of Zagreb. I am self-motivated, responsible, and able to work under pressure. Besides technology, I'm really passionate about sports and languages.

I'm fluent in both German and English, and would like to learn Italian next. Besides sports and languages, I love to eat and cook healthy, play video games, read sci-fi novels, listen to Chopin, and probably spend too much time browsing the internet.

Cut the crap

For the last few years, I'm trying to master modern web oriented technologies, like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, which are the basis of all the awesome websites you've seen so far. Also, I really like developing wordpress driven web pages, which is the basis of every content-managed website I develop.

I'm skilled at Photoshop, Illustrator, C4D and a bunch of text editors (which don't require any skill at all, I suppose). What I'd like to do is redefine the web we used to know. The web is a boring place, and I am about to add some color to it.


I'm all ears. And eyes.

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